Amiran’s Agro Projects Division prides itself in creating ‘Complete Solutions’ based on a turn-key project approach, which is supported by the highest quality inputs available in the market.

With a ‘hands on’ approach, the division has helped to build the first flower farms in Kenya, complete with greenhouses and advanced irrigation systems at the time and has since erected 90 percent, 2700 hectares of the 3000 hectares of greenhouses in Kenya.

The majority of the greenhouses in use by flower and horticulture export farms in the country today were put up by Amiran, which initially brought in Israeli technicians to oversee and set them up and has over the years trained its team of Kenyan professionals to do the same with the same precision, care and technical know-how.

Representing world leaders in this field, Amiran’s Agro-Divison is allowing farmers to enjoy products from:

  •         Ginegar
  •         Azrom
  •         Adirom
  •         Ginegar/Polysack
  •         Picplast
  •         Mapal
  •         Tabor tools
  •         Kekkila Oy
  •         Pelemix
  •         P Marom
  •         Tama
  •         Meteor
  •         Paskal
  •         Tambour